So, here we go….

First blog on Live Journal. I think I am going to use this to write about writing. Ego has never been my shortcoming, well, at least once I got out of High school. I mean, here I am, starting a Livejournal, to write about my writing, when I haven’t finished my book, and have nothing published. El-Oh-El at me.

But here’s the facts. I am currently obsessed with writing. I have been working rather diligently on my book. I have always written silly stories, well, they sound silly tome, juvenile. They have always been just fun ways to pass the time. I only completed one short novella/very long short story, and that is because I rushed the ending just to finish it.

So I am currently writing the first in a series about a character named Deacon Chalk. He’s an Occult Bounty Hunter, because you have to have a clever title for what your character does. I started this story in 03. It was just another silly story to pass time. I wrote a bunch of character history, and plot ideas, and an opening paragraph.

That’s it. That is all.

Occasionally I would dabble with it and over the next five years I added about ten paragraphs.

Well, now I am writing it for real and having a blast. I am writing a book that I would want to read. It’s not complex, it’s not literature, it’s a kick ass good time killing monsters. The character is larger than life (and yes I am Mary Sue-ing it.) and does things larger than life. But I reread what I wrote and to be honest, I think it is better than a lot of published crap out there.

No I am not being delusional.

I would post some of it, but I am going to wait until I have more finished. Most importantly, my brain is on FIRE with ideas. I have the plot basics of book two, three, and four of the Deacon Chalk series, and the first notes on a new YA series written down. Those came out of nowhere and I furiously wrote down what was in my head, and then promptly put it aside. I am taking the advice I have read and sticking with one project until completion. Deacon Chalk is the man until I am finished with book one, maybe book two.

Just so you know, in the last month I have gone from ten paragraphs to over 23,000 words on the first book. I still have a lot of hunting and pecking to do, but it is coming along.

Now if I could just get off of this blog and go write some real books stuff.



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