So, if you have been reading this blog then you know I had a lightining-esque revelation a little while back that what I thought was the ending to my WIP was not and that I had about 20-30,000 more words to go.

That was great.

This flash of insight cleared up the ending, made it stronger, gave the Burgeoning Love Interest a much more involved part, set up the Spin Off Character in a fuller way, and introduced into the world more of the lycanthropes that will be featured in book 2.(yes this is a series.)


My character was stuck in a room, held hostage by the Big Bad along with the Spin Off Character. Being in the room was fine. It was a natural progression of the Kinda-Sorta Nookie scene and it’s fallout in the previous chapter. It also gave a small moment of non action to introduce the Main Character to the Spin Off Character (who is intregal to the actual plot. Never fear, I would not just parachute him in for the sake of spinning him off.)

I tried to get them out of that damned room for a week and no matter how much I prodded they wouldn’t move.

I tried to tell them “But I know exactly where you are going.” but they would have none of it.


Ahhhhh, the breakthrough was glorious. I whipped out 2000 words and viola, they were out of the room and the plot was back afoot.


I mean really awesome.

I mean ten pounds of awesome in a five pound bag.

I mean Dean singing Eye Of The Tiger awesome.

So now you know how awesome it is to be unstuck.


You have GOT to watch this video. (seriously)

If you missed the episode of Supernatural tonight then you really missed out.

I want to be Dean Winchester when I grow up!

Yep, straight as I am, I think I may have a man-crush on him.


Not Even Close.

So I haven’t worked on the Deacon Chalk book for this is now the third day. I hit a wall. Nothing big, I just hit a point where I knew what I had in mind to happen, but the words would not go.

No sweat, especially since right now ther is NO pressure at all.

Then this morning, on the way to the day job, I had a revelation.

I am nowhere near the end of the story.

Really.I thought I was two chapters from wrapping up the rough draft that I would then go back into and revise and edit. Then in the car, lightning struck, and I have another 20-30,000 words to wrap it up.

And this isn’t just fluff. This is stuff that should happen to make the ending I have in mind work. Plus it frames out and explains the Burgeoning Love Interest (BLI) and the offshoot character for the second series I have in mind set int he same universe.


So that is where I am at. It may really be December before I get this done. But we shall see, since I have a free monday to do nothing but work on the book.

I will keep you informed.

Owing to the reader…….my take.

So I was reading random blogs earlier and I ran across one about what a writer owes a reader.

Some folks think a writer owes a reader absolutely nothing and that they should write the book exactly as they want, reader be damned.

Some feel that if you build a reader a world you owe them a resolution to that world in keeping with their expectations. (ie: happy endings and puppies for everyone.)

Here’s my opinion (cause you all know I have one.)

A writer owes their reader on thing and one thing only.

They owe it to the reader to be true to themselves in their storytelling.

If they do and they watchguard against ego and laziness then their readers will be satisfied, even if their expectations are destroyed.

That’s all.

And that is my pledge. I’m not writing for anyone but myself and I sincerely hope that readers come along for the ride.

Abuse Your Muse People, Abuse Your Muse.

So Wednesday was a complete waste of a day as far as the WIP goes. I got jack shit done. Yes I was slow at the day job and had plenty of time, but I just never sat and wrote.

I was wayyyy to busy checking myspace and livejournal obsessively.

But I did get a lot new friends added, a lot of blogs read, I changed the background on myspace, stayed up late and made a cool profile pic, wrote a new blog, and added pic to the myspace.

But no writing.

I almost did the same shit yesterday.

I admit it, I dicked around a lot yesterday. I had a few tattoos to do, but only two and they were small.

Finally, about 5:30 I decided to listen to advice I had read and I sat my ass in the chair and started to write.

Man, my muse was being a bitch and did NOT want to come across. She wanted to go back a read more blogs. But I backhanded her and told her the next words out of her mouth had better be writing worthy.

She gave me over 1200 words in an hour.

She was such a good little muse, maybe I’ll take her to dinner today.


But, truthfully, good lesson learned. If I want to write, then I HAVE TO WRITE.

Wow, such a simple concept. I will abuse my muse more often.

The Holy Trinity of Urban Fantasy (warning: opinions)

Ok. I have done some thinking about this whole urban fantasy genre. It’s pretty damn big and a lot of people make their living off of it. Ok, maybe not a living, but a lot of people are getting to write books in this genre. If they are not making a living, they are still being paid to write. Which is cool.


The point (and by the point, I am in no way promising to not ramble. This blog is in fact the very illustration of a ramble. Not a rant, there is no frustration or anger, so a ramble – a jumble of words and thoughts that meander in a general direction to a semi-relevant location. (see what I mean about ramble? Multiple sentence asides and two, count ’em two, sets of parentheses.)) is that in my opinion there are three major things that have converged in influence to create this urban fantasy genre.

The Holy Trinity of Urban Fantasy (dunn-dunn-dahhh!)

1) The movie Blade.
The movie Blade is the totality of urban fantasy distilled to it’s base components. It had edge, violence, supernatural elements, new takes on old tropes, and a simple, larger than life hero.
The movie was just plain cool. It took vampires and turned them on their head. It pushed the same old thing in a whole new direction and it kicked it’s ass the entire way.

2) Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV show)
OMG every writer who is published in this genre since 1998 needs to send Joss Whedon a bouquet of roses. If Blade is the distillation of the genre, then Buffy was the exploration of the genre. Joss also made the genre better because by God, if you have an idea, he probably got there first and you have to bust your ass to be new, fresh, and exciting after the Joss came along.
Joss also showed the entertainment industry that this genre can make money and thus that they should look at your writing to see if they can turn a profit. This means you get to write books for more than just yourself.

3) Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake books.
If I hear one more complaint about Laurell or Anita I may actually take a gun and begin blasting. Yes, her last book had a wobble or two, but I reread it and it wasn’t bad. It was better than other books I have read in the genre and the last 3rd of the book was brilliant. Her salvation of the Richard character was inspired. Anyways. There is a lot of derision and dissing of her work lately.
I’ll go on record and say that her books are by far the best in the genre. There is a reason she is so popular, time and again. The lady writes a compelling book and has since 1993. Her continued sucess has also made an umbrella that many other writers can take shelter under.

Yes, take away any of these and there would still be a genre called Urban Fantasy, but it would be less. These three things are in my opinion, directly responsible for the genre.

They are definitely my biggest influences.


I have fallen prey to timesucks today. Just wanted to share. Hell, here I am engaging in yet another one.

For those that don’t know Timesucks are evil creatures who slip in a gently keep you from accomplishing anything of value.

Yes I did some research on an idea that was percolating in my brain all night. But that isn’t good enough. I have a book I am working on finishing the rough draft on, I will not be derailed into working on the next book before this one is finished.

Nay you damned Timesuck, I say thee NAY! Get the behind me…

and don’t push.

Alright, enough dicking around, I am off to write as I should have been doing all day since I have made no money tattooing.

Stalking the end of my ruff draft.

Yep. I am almost done with the rough draft of the book. I won’t call it a first draft. There is so much to go back in and fill in and thicken and work on. It’s short too, It will probably end up about 42,000 words. I am expecting over 80,000 when I go in and spackle over the holes and gaps. Plus this time around has been pretty damn sparse with the description. Just enough for a feel, but not much more. I dropped in two characters who need flesh on their skeletons and backstory, plus expanding the burgeoning love interest. (No nookie this book but I see it down the road.)

All in all, it’s been really satisfying. I am anticipating reading my finished book and being pleased with it.

Which makes me feel weird.

You may not know but I am pretty obsessive when it comes to my fixations. I am fixated on writing so I have been haunting writers in this genre and a place called fangs,fur,and fey here on LJ. I read a lot of writers who worry about wether their stuff is good or not. I mean published, many books under their belt type writers.

I know I suffer from an overabundance of ego, but I like to think I am not delusional. I really like what I am writing. It is familiar enough to satisfy the genre fanboy in me, but i think I have new twists that no just I will enjoy reading. My book feels good. It reads to me like something that people who like Urban fantasy would read and enjoy.

I’m not thinking I will be the next Laurell K Hamilton, but if folks like her stuff then I would think mine would appeal to them also, without being a ripoff. If people like the Blade movies or Supernatural, they should like what I am writing too.

It’s good stuff to me.

So is my ego getting ahead of myself? Who knows? I am just writing what I write and we’ll see what happens.