Abuse Your Muse People, Abuse Your Muse.

So Wednesday was a complete waste of a day as far as the WIP goes. I got jack shit done. Yes I was slow at the day job and had plenty of time, but I just never sat and wrote.

I was wayyyy to busy checking myspace and livejournal obsessively.

But I did get a lot new friends added, a lot of blogs read, I changed the background on myspace, stayed up late and made a cool profile pic, wrote a new blog, and added pic to the myspace.

But no writing.

I almost did the same shit yesterday.

I admit it, I dicked around a lot yesterday. I had a few tattoos to do, but only two and they were small.

Finally, about 5:30 I decided to listen to advice I had read and I sat my ass in the chair and started to write.

Man, my muse was being a bitch and did NOT want to come across. She wanted to go back a read more blogs. But I backhanded her and told her the next words out of her mouth had better be writing worthy.

She gave me over 1200 words in an hour.

She was such a good little muse, maybe I’ll take her to dinner today.


But, truthfully, good lesson learned. If I want to write, then I HAVE TO WRITE.

Wow, such a simple concept. I will abuse my muse more often.

About James R. Tuck

I write stuff. Scary stuff and hard stuff and stuff that makes you think, or maybe it helps you not to. Stuff like the Deacon Chalk series, the Culvert City Crime Files, Robin Hood Demonslayer (2015), and Hollow Earth. I do tattoos. I take pictures. I Edit-and-Chief at Blammo Books!
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