Abuse Your Muse People, Abuse Your Muse.

So Wednesday was a complete waste of a day as far as the WIP goes. I got jack shit done. Yes I was slow at the day job and had plenty of time, but I just never sat and wrote.

I was wayyyy to busy checking myspace and livejournal obsessively.

But I did get a lot new friends added, a lot of blogs read, I changed the background on myspace, stayed up late and made a cool profile pic, wrote a new blog, and added pic to the myspace.

But no writing.

I almost did the same shit yesterday.

I admit it, I dicked around a lot yesterday. I had a few tattoos to do, but only two and they were small.

Finally, about 5:30 I decided to listen to advice I had read and I sat my ass in the chair and started to write.

Man, my muse was being a bitch and did NOT want to come across. She wanted to go back a read more blogs. But I backhanded her and told her the next words out of her mouth had better be writing worthy.

She gave me over 1200 words in an hour.

She was such a good little muse, maybe I’ll take her to dinner today.


But, truthfully, good lesson learned. If I want to write, then I HAVE TO WRITE.

Wow, such a simple concept. I will abuse my muse more often.


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