All the news that is the news….

Not much happening on the query front. Twenty-two queries sent via email. Six total rejections. One partial still out.

So not bad so far.

Still working on book two of the Deacon Chalk series. I will finish it up and then start a new project. I have a few floating around in my head.

I am also going to go check out some e-publishers and submit some short stories. Those will be more straight horror, erotica, and romance. Things I am not really interested in writing in full, but the ideas still drift through my cerebral membrane.

Winter is upon us here in the tattoo industry, so I will be writing more. I am also thinking of dragging the laptop to the house so I can work while the Missus watches Stargate:Atlantis, or one of her medical mysteries shows that I hate.

I am thinking of setting up one of those word count meter things. If anyone knows of some cool ones, let me know.


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