SHUFFLING AND SHAMBLING ALONG (short fiction sales news)

A couple of months back I wrote a short story entitled “He Stopped Loving Her Today”.  It’s a twisted zombie love story that is really in the same vein as The Walking Dead. (as an aside, if you have not watched The Walking Dead or read the comic book, then stop right now and go order it. You have GOT to read and watch these.  Go ahead, I will wait.



ok. You will thank me for that. Glad to have you back.)

Now, I am proud of this short story. It’s good. Spooky, twisted, dark, and scary. I wanted to find a home for it, so I gave it to my editor at Kensington to see if he had a place for it. He passed. It’s hard to place a 2200 word short story. He liked it, but just had no place for it to go. So I looked around for it, checking the short fiction markets, but nothing felt right for it.

Then along comes One Buck Horror.

One Buck Horror is a new company doing e-anthologies of short horror fiction. They will be selling them for .99 cents and they will feature 5-6 different horror stories from different authors, all under 3,000 words in length.  I think it’s a GREAT business model. I submitted my story to them.

Well, they bit and it will be featured in their special Halloween issue out in October!

I am VERY excited to be a part of this. Go check them out at and see what they are doing. Go ahead and sign up to buy their issues, it’s only a lousy buck ya cheapskate! lol.

Write well my friends.


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