Ok, news first.


Mark your calenders. It’s Super Tuesday, so go buy the book and read it in line to vote.  Also, my short story “He Stopped Loving Her Today” will appear in the Halloween special issue of One Buck Horror’s e-anthology. You will be able to pick it up for only .99 cents. Stay tuned Loyals and True Believers, I will let you know when.

I finished the prequel short story that occurs before BLOOD AND BULLETS and the plan is to give it away to whet your greedy little appetites for the book’s release. It’s 15,000 words so it’s well worth picking up when it’s available. Again, stay tuned. And finally I am 3,000 words into a Sci-fi Lovecraftian tale that I am aiming at a specific publisher and a specific anthology, so keep your fingers crossed.

Now on to the thing I do not understand.

Fan fiction.  Ok, I understand fan fiction…I have even read fan fiction. I get it, you want to play with cool concepts.  To clarify, I don’t understand fan fiction if you are a writer who is seeking to be published.  Why waste your time?  It will never see the light of day and will lend to problems down the road if you do get published.   I am sure you had fun writing about the shared unierse of DC Comics and Battlestar Galactica.  It was quite fun to have Green Arrow on Galactica and Darkseid working with Number 6.   However, every word you spent in someone else’s playground was a word you will not have to make your own.

If you want to be a writer, a published author, then the name of the game is to create a world of your own imagining and fill it with characters who have agendas, and motives, and weaknesses, and desires, and strengths.  Pit them against each other in a bid for power. Have on character royally screw another one. Turn blood on blood and pull families asunder. Destroy your world in a cataclysmic thunder of armageddon. Have someone find love, have someone lose it. Restore a characters faith in humanity and then rip it away from him in a vicious act of betrayal over a woman.

Go crazy. Be the vengeful god of the world you created. Be sadistically playful with these imaginary lives you have set in motion, after all, they are yours for the destroying.

You don’t have that right in fanfiction. Quit wasting your time and man up. You can write. Do it. No excuses, no explaination.   You could have written 5 paragraphs in the time it took you to try and object or defend the time you have wasted with somebody else’s creations.  Go make your own way.  You will not get lost in the woods. Just trust yourself.

Until next time, write well.


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