Ok Loyals and True Believers, today is Writing Wednesday.  I will be blogging about writing. How I do it, things about it, reviewing books about it, etc….. If you ever want to know anything about writing, Wednesday is the day for it!

Today, I am going to tell you about the BEST book on writing ever written.  For real, no lie, I credit this book for the selling of my manuscript that led to my 3 book deal with Kensington Publishing.

Are you ready?

THANKS BUT THIS ISN’T FOR US by Jessica Page Morrell

Go buy this book now and read it. It gives you the practical, easy to understand advice you need. Seriously, I thought I had writtena good book. I was querying and getting responses but no takers.

Then I read this book.

I completely revised my book USING THE KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM THIS BOOK and within a few weeks sold that book and the two unwritten sequels. So this recommendation is based on my actual use of this book and I cannot praise it enough.


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  1. I’ll lhave to look that one up. I hadn’t heard of it before and I’m looking for some nonfiction, writing related books to read.

    Thanks for the rec!

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