It wasn’t long before I found the first rat.
    It was a sewer rat, grown to mutant proportions by easy living in the sewers under the zoo. Its head had been ripped off. Its body crushed and misshapen. My imagination flared and I could picture the Nosferatu using the rat like a beer. Popping the top, drinking it down, and crushing the empty.

Welcome to Six Sentences On A Sunday done my way!  I will be randomly picking six sentences every Sunday to post. They could be from what I am working on, random snippets that appear in my head that I write down, something from someone else’s work, a quote, anything that is six sentences long.

This selection is from a prequel short I am working on for the Deacon Chalk series. The plan is for it to be given away to promote the release of BLOOD AND BULLETS from Kensington Publishing.

Hope you enjoyed it. If so, leave me a note and say so. If you hated it, well, leave that note too.


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