Welcome to Genre Monday. On monday I will talk with you about all things Genre and give with my opinions.

So new stuff.

Teen Wolf on MTV.

It’s not bad. We are I think 5 episodes in and it is very very watchable. In fact I actually like the actors in it. They all do a great job. Some of the FX are a little sub-par, but it is a tv show so that happens sometimes. Overall, despite it becoming racier by the episode and thereby putting it in danger of being off limits for the 14 year old son, it is a pretty well-made and entertaining show. They went old school werewolf on this one with some good things associated with wolfsbane and the like.

Falling Skies on TNT

Another very watchable show.  I like the interplay of characters. I like the way it seems to be setting up an American Revolution allegory. I liked Noah Wylie’s character having an Independence Day moment without ripping the movie off. I like the outlaw leader.  The cast does a great job, the FX are pretty damn good, and the story is peppered with things that lead me to believe that this show is well planned out.

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King on ABC Family

Light, very light, but not bad. It’s not a sock knocker like The Vampire Diaries, but I will give it another go or two.  The lead actress does a good job and the show actually has the start of a good mythology going, so I will hang in there a little longer.

I Am Number Four

EXCELLENT! This movie got a lot of things right. It was more of a superhero movie than most superhero movies are nowadays. And I LOVE superheroes. I am a fanboy from wayyyyyyy back. Been reading comics since I could read at the tender young age of 4.  I loved the special effects, the actors did a fine job. The plot was a bit wonky at times and it could have been a touch grittier, but very enjoyable. Highly recommended. I will own this one day.

And old stuff

I have discovered a way to put comic books on my Nook. It is glorious. I have spent the last several days reading JSA and Criminal Macabre.

JSA is excellent. I love the Justice Society of America. I have since I was a kid. This is a new version of them. The original Green Lantern Al Scott is there,Starman,  The son of the original Atom (Atom Smasher), Wildcat, Mister Terrific, The Star-Spangled Kid, Hourman, Doctor Midnite, Black Canary, Sand (Sandy The Golden Boy), Doctor Fate, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and Jay Garrick (The Original Flash).

I have enjoyed the new incarnations and the storyline. I am only 30 issues in, but it is wonderful.  Truly a flash back to my childhood.  The artwork is stellar and the covers are amazing. These are classic DC heroes and they are paid the respect they are due.

Now Criminal Macabre.

I am about 3 issues in to the first miniseries.  The artwork is creepy thanks to Ben Templesmith and the storytelling by Steve Niles is first rate.  Cal Macdonald is a messed up occult detective who stays stoned to deal with all the weird crap he deals with on a day to day basis. Now occasionally it is hard to follow because of the style of artwork teamed with the sparse storytelling style, but that never lasts more than a panel or two. If you like urban fantasy you NEED to read this series. I also recommend the book Criminal Macabre which collects the three novellas about Cal Macdonald. Get it, read it.

Go forth and enjoy.

Now tell me what you think of the shows I listed and the comics here. Go on, comment away.

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