Okay Loyals and True Believers, today’s quote is from Father Of The Bride. The Steve Martin, 1991 version. It may be in the original, but I don’t know.  Now before you think me a philistine who doesn’t watch classic movies, I do love both, I just happened to watch the 91 version today.

Many, many moons ago, when I was a young teenager living at home (think 13, maybe 14) I stayed up late one night and was watching The Movie Channel because that was the only premium channel we had growing up. I clicked it on, sat down, and came in on the first few minutes of the movie. I tuned in when Spenser Tracy was just getting comfortable in that chair, with the carnage of his daughter’s wedding strewn all around him.   He began to talk and I was hooked. I watched that movie mesmerized, entranced. I proceeded to watch it every chance I could  when it was on TMC. Remember dear friends, this was before DVR, TIVO, DVD, it was even before my family had a VCR.

So come around to 1991, I am 21 years old and they remake the movie starring Steve Martin. Yeah, The Jerk, Steve Martin. I was not going to see it. I was against it.

I was wrong.

The remake kept the heart of the movie while updating it for 1991. It was fun, funny, heart warming, romantic, and touching. I fell in love with Father Of The Bride all over again.

So today I wanted a nice movie to watch. A comfort movie, because it it was a lazy Sunday, the Missus was taking a nap, The Son was doing stuff ont he computer, and the Daughter is gone.

I watched it. I loved it. I got misty-eyed in several parts. I mean hey, wackiness aside I am realistically looking at my own version of that scenario in just a few, all too fleeting years.

I was also struck by some of the writing that was in it. High quality stuff. So today’s selection is from that. Enjoy. It is George, the dad talking about his daughter and the way it is with fathers and daughters. This is truth. This was written by a father of a daughter. So hark, read and learn.

I remember how her little hand used to fit inside mine.

Then comes the day when she wants to get her ears pierced, and wants you to drop her off a block before the movie theater.

From that moment on you’re in a constant panic.

You worry about her meeting the wrong kind of guy, the kind of guy who only wants one thing, and you know exactly what that one thing is, because it’s the same thing you wanted when you were their age.

Then, you stop worrying about her meeting the wrong guy, and you worry about her meeting the right guy.

That’s the greatest fear of all, because, then you lose her.

Damn George. Damn.


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