DON’T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME (writing crime fiction)

Most everybody knows I have two great loves in reading. I may dally around in other places, chatting up other genres, dabbling here and there with my reader eye wandering, but at the end of the day I come back to two kinds of books.

Urban Fantasy and Crime.

Now, my love for urban fantasy is well known. It’s open and unabashed. I write an urban fantasy series. (Deacon Chalk, badass Occult Bounty Hunter) I have plans to write him for 20 books or so and have a ton of story ideas just waiting to be written.

My next book, hopefully will be a crime book. I have one that is gestating, building into a nice little crime fetus.  So here are the things I have in my head:

A young man hits the road in his dead daddy’s sweet ’69 Chevelle. He is out to find himself. All he has is the car, his memories of his dad, a little money in his pocket from a recent score, and time on his hands.

A young girl on the run from a screw up of a dad and the mess he has put her in. All she has is a need to stay safe, a desire to try and get her daddy straightened out, and a duffel bag full of trouble.





They cross paths on a Long Hard Road Outta Town and wind up running for their lives from a cold-blooded sonnuva bitch named Dude Ray. He wants his stuff back and someone has to pay.

Sometimes it takes walking through the fire to find out who you really are.



It’s shaping up to be a fun little book. A chase novel that’s a bit of a cross between Justified and No Country For Old Men with a boss hotrod and more guns. Lots of small town, Southern wackiness. Plus there’s a lot of subtext with Cowboy’s search for manhood. My good friend Faith Hunter made an introduction to a very good agent who specializes in mysteries, so I am getting this project together for a proposal to him. Fingers crossed y’all.

Speaking of crime, how damn good is Justified? Seriously, if you are not watching this show then shame on you.

Start now. Go buy season 1 and 2 on dvd and get rolling.

I am burning through the 4th Reacher book by Lee Childs.

It is really good.

Tom Piccirilli has a new one coming out that looks awesome as always.

And I began Drama City by George Pelecanos, so far I am really enjoying it.

Plus there is a Marcus Sakey book on my shelf calling my name.

Until next time.

Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.



  1. Not big on crime novels but what you got planned out so far sounds pretty damn solid. I am however exploding on the inside that you plan to write Deacon for 20+ maybe books. After finishing THAT THING AT THE ZOO and BLOOD AND BULLETS, I am in shock and awe over the world and characters you crafted. You sir are the king of male urban fantacy in my book and I wait for more Deacon Chalk as a confirmed loyal and true believer.

    • Hell yeah Michael. My plan is to write one Deacon book a year and then fill the rest of the year with a second novel of my choosing in whatever genre I feel like (crime, horror, sword and sorcery, YA, whatever) and fill in the rest of the year with short fiction and hopefully some comic book work and some screenwriting.

      We shall see. 🙂

      But the main man Deacon has solid story outlines for 10 books and plenty of story after that.

  2. That’s some big hairy literary balls. It’s about damn time someone whipped them out and swung em’ around like they mean buisness. I’m all about UF, to books, movies, and TV series’ but I will give anything you write a chance to blow my mental doors off, and Deacon Chalk on the big or little screen (hint, hint) would seriously be welcome amongst the our (the wife and I) growing collection of TV and Movie Supernatural goodness. You have done what I thought would never happen, The Dresden Files WAS my #1 UF series. Next stop New York times best seller list.

  3. I hope so Michael. Both on the NYT and the TV/movie front. lol.
    Glad you like the series, it’s only going to get crazier! Book 2 is in motion, out in August and it’s got lycanthrope goodness galore!

    As for the aspirations, well, no reason to not do what I want, it’s gotten me this far!

    If you are so inclined, it would be awesome if you could post up a quick review of the books on anywhere you feel good with. If you don’t wanna that’s cool too. I appreciate it!

  4. I have posted 5 star reviews on the Sony Reader Store site for TTATZ and BLOOD AND BULLETS(where I got em’) and I am going to spread the word of Deacon Chalk on Amazon. Curious as to who you see playing Deacon and Company. One of these days I will get the opportunity to shake your hand and BS about UF in it’s many forms. As far as BLOOD AND SILVER goes, it was cool that we got a sample of that at the end BLOOD AND BULLETS and I already want to read more.

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