Here’s a general rundown of what I am doing and have been doing and the general crazy that is my life right now.

First of all I am all over the place. This Saturday (June 23rd) I will be at the BOOKS-A-MILLION in Canton, Ga from 1-3pm signing books with my two good friends Janice Hardy (author of THE HEALING WARS series) and Delilah S. Dawson (author of WICKED AS THEY COME). Plus there will be a store-wide sale of at least 20% off so come out, buy some books, meet some writers, get some signatures, SAVE THE HUMAN RACE FROM EXTINCTION!

SPIDER’S LULLABY the second e-novella in the Deacon Chalk series hits this Tues. (June 26th) at all fine e-tailers for only $1.99

Then next weekend (June 29-July 1) I will be at FANDOM FEST in Louisville, KY.

You should come out for this one if you can. It is gonna rock! 140+ writer guests. It will be insane. Pluse media guests like BRUCE CAMPBELL AND PETER DAVISON.

Here is my schedule for the convention.

Friday 2:30pm Jones Room How to Be a Panelist

Friday 5:30 pm Jones Room Horror Cage Match

Friday 8:30 pm McCreary Room Shrewsbury Night Live! With Special Guests James R. Tuck, John Hartness, and Brady Allen

Saturday 1pm Morrow Room Robert E. Howard Roundup

Saturday 4pm Beckham Room I want to Be a Vampire (M)

Saturday 5:30 pm Beckham Room Exploring Genres Urban Fantasy

Sunday 11:30 pm Fields Room Guns and Monsters How to Write Urban Fantasy (M)

Sunday 1pm Beckham Room The Big 6 and Traditional Press’ Place in Today’s World

Plus a reading and a signing.


The next weekend (Saturday July 7)  I will be at a MASSIVE SEVEN AUTHOR EVENT in Columbia, SC      4pm-7pm

3400 Forest Dr, Columbia, South Carolina 29204-4041

Me, Kalayna Price, John Hartness, Misty Massey, Rachel Aaron, Delilah S. Dawson, and A. J. Hartley.  If you are in the area, come out!


I have dipped my toe into the self publishing world with this special little ditty:

I did this myself y’all!



A new collection of short stories set in Culvert City, a place where bad people do bad things to each other. This is CRIME done the way it should be. Dark, gritty, hard as concrete and twice as cold.

Hard-eyed men and quick-draw dames.

You’ll meet a hitman with no name who does what he’s paid to do with style, a young buck finding his place, and a woman pushed to the edge and over.

This is how crime fiction should be written…like a knuckle sammich across the kisser. You get six stories and they sit like a full chamber on a snubnose Saturday night special, loaded hot and ready to fire.

Welcome to Culvert City, watch your back.

Buy it on Amazon for only $1.99 (more formats and places to buy to come soon!)

Plus the release party for BLOOD AND SILVER Deacon Chalk book 2 is coming on August 7th at FoxTale Books in Woodstock Ga.

Whew! I’ll catch y’all on the flip side.


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