OH THE HORROR (I might be on a kick)

Those of you who know me, know that I am pretty kicky. I get on kicks. I become slightly obsessive about something and get really into it and make it my focus and then after a while I move on to something else.

Now, my kicks are all organic. They are things that I honestly like and enjoy and when I move off a kick I don’t stop liking or enjoying that thing it just isn’t my all-consuming focus any more. I tend to cycle through stuff too. Blues, guns, hotrods, etc…

Right now, I am on a horror kick.

Which is cool since I am writing a horror book. It has some urban fantasy elements, but it is pretty much a straight horror novel.

So, because of this horror kick, let me share some of my fave scary stuff with you.

1) The writing of Brian Keene.

Damn Brian Keene can write. His stuff is like Stephen King’s but scarier and way further out on the edge.  But he writes characters that are both believable and relatable that you get sucked into. Plus his horror concepts are tremendous. I was reading his terrific novel DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN.  Was. I made the mistake of leaving the book by the computer one night when I went to bed. My son gets up for school the next day and read like 3 chapters. We discussed how good it was that night. I left the book out the next night when I went to bed and BAM! that little SOB absconded with it. (I ain’t mad. I love for him to read)

Check out Brian’s website HERE and follow him on the twitter and stuff too. He’s a nice guy with a ton of stuff going on.

2) Deadite Press

Tying into the Brian Keene thing. You can go to Brian’s website and search DORCHESTER and see the back story( or CLICK HERE cause I did it for you, lazybones), but basically most of Brian Keene’s stuff was published by them for YEARS. They went tits up and left a lot of horror writers on the screwed end of publishing. Brian got his rights back and then chose Deadite Press to put out his back list as well as new releases. They do a quality job and they have a real publisher identity. Now they cover the extreme end of horror, the guts and the gore, and the deeply disturbing, but that doesn’t bother me at all.


3) Extreme Horror

This is a brand of horror that goes THERE. You know, the stuff that will literally make you sick to your stomach. It is NOT for everyone. This isn’t Stephen King, or THE SIXTH SENSE, this is bloody-bowels-emptied-on-the-floor-then-possesed-by-Satan-and-crawling-to-kill-you horror. It’s dark, disturbing, terrible stuff. I like it, but I am well-adjusted and secure in all that I believe is right and good in the universe. But this stuff isn’t for everyone, I wouldn’t let my son read it. It is 18 and over stuff. But that being said the stuff I love int his genre are in particular WRATH JAMES WHITE and EDWARD LEE. I read THE BIGHEAD by Edward Lee a long time ago. It is one of the most disturbing novels I have ever read. Seriously, I nearly had to put it down it was so disturbing, and you know that I am not squeamish at ALL.

4) MAY

May is one of my favorite horror movies ever. It is a terrific little flick about a disturbed chick who grows up play with and making dolls. She gets in the real world, discovers that people will use her for their own amusement instead of being decent and truly friendly so she snaps and begins to make a true friend out of the parts of folks she likes. The lead actress does a terrific job. This aired recently on cable so it is on my DVR just waiting for me to have a spare evening to watch it.

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