HAPPY THOR’S DAY! (or it’s release day so getcher sword and sorcery hot off the digital presses!)

So I had this hankering about, ohhhhh, a year ago. I wanted a sword and sorcery anthology, done right by a press who would not only appreciate the genre but actively enjoy it, that I could submit a story to. I have this character Theok who is a Northland barbarian living and adventuring in a sword and sorcery version of the Old Testament. He is a follower of Yahweh translated through his upbringing as a barbarian so he views and serves Him as a warrior God. It’s like what the Bible would be like if written by Robert E. Howard.

Anyways, I have long liked the way Seventh Star Press runs their ship. They put out a top notch product, promote the hell out of it, and their authors are really happy. So I hit up Stephen Zimmer, the go to man for all things Seventh Star, and said to him “You should make a sword and sorcery anthology and let me put a story in it.”

Zimmer then comes back with “We’ll do it, but only if you edit it.”

Wait, what?

I’d never edited anything before. But you know me, unafraid of my own limitations, so I said yes.

Actually, I said Hell Yes.

So a few months of clearing stuff off my schedule and getting in stories (over 200) I narrowed it down to a slim, trim 22 stories of kick ass. With length of each story being a factor we split it into two anthologies and viola: THUNDER ON THE BATTLEFIELD Volume: SWORD and Volume: SORCERY were born.

Toss in two stories featuring Theok, a KICK ASS cover by Enggar, and a lot more work than I would have guessed and in a blink you have a release day!


Today the digital versions of both anthologies hit the E-stands and the print will follow in 2 weeks.

Go buy some, only $3.99 each for 24 stories of ass kicking sword and sorcery!

Here are the links for both volumes:
Thunder on the Battlefield: Sword
Kindle version: http://www.amazon.com/Thunder-Battlefield-Sword-ebook/dp/B00EE0YL8Y

Nook version: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/thunder-on-the-battlefield-james-r-tuck/1116359898?ean=2940148400639

Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery
Kindle version: http://www.amazon.com/Thunder-Battlefield-Sorcery-ebook/dp/B00EE15GY6

Nook verison: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/thunder-on-the-battlefield-james-r-tuck/1116359900?ean=2940148400660



Diggin up bones.

So first thing, I got some writing done today. About 1200 words. Whoo hoo! With the economy the way it is, the day job has been pretty doggone slow. Being a tattoo artist is pretty whimsical when it comes to the steady business. But, that’s ok.

When I got home tonight I dug out a stack of old notebooks that I had scribbled notes in for the Deacon Book and other things as well. There were some good ideas in there. Stuff that I will transcribe for later use.

Then I came across the novella I wrote. God it was horrible. I was trying to be Robert Jordan writing Conan, but not. The character was a celtic prince turned outcast who was a mercenary in Solomon’s army and thus became a believer in Jehovah who later was adopted by a clan of mountain warrior priests of the ninjitsu tradition called yamabushi.

No really, I am not kidding.

Ex-royalty warrior.
Trained in ninjitsu and as a yamabushi.
Believer in Jehovah from the Old Testament.

His name was Theok.


Fun, fun, fun. But I was young. I wrote it around the time I was 19. So it was awesome for 1989.

But reading it, even with it’s rank smell of old cheese, I did find some kernels of things I could mine again.

Anyways, it was a reminder of my roots.