So I gave in, I made a twitter…… sort of.

Ok, so I was reading one of my friends posts on here about creating Twitter accounts for fictional characters as a means of

a) promotion for your book. (which I don’t currently need, since the book is still on my computer, but the plan is to one day.)

and b) to supplement the fleshing out of your character in ways you can’t put in the books.

This appeals to me.

In my head, writing a tweet as my character will be like a dvd extra, and I do love me some extras on a dvd.

So if you want to add my main character to your twitter then please do.

And remember, it’s not me, it’s Deacon. lol.


Ok, so it has been a WHILE since I posted on here. I never forgot about you livejournal, I just had to do some life stuff.

I had to go and open a tattoo shop.

(Yes, my very own. Thank you, thank you.)

The work that went into that did take away my time and energy for THE BOOK. I am sorry, I have a limited amount of creative energy and the shop took it all for a while.

But now, the shop is settled and it takes work but it is together enough for me to turn back to the book. And boy, have I turned back to it.

I am still working on revisions. Revisions still suck. But now that I am at the halfway mark, they are not as difficult. About where I dropped into SERIOUS WRITING mode on the first draft. It seems like the writing is much better and thus doesn’t need as much editing.

Now I still have characters who are getting up from standing, and walking when they are still lying down, and silly details like that I am smoothing out, but it really is much easier right now.

Of course, that scene where I got them out of that damn room is coming up, I am sure there is a rewrite waiting for me there. (grrrrrrrr.)

But I am back, back with a vengeance.