I have crossed one big hurdle already, I secured a publishing contract.  Not only is the book I wrote going to be a real live book living on shelves around the world, but it will be a series, with two books guaranteed.

Now that that has been crossed off the to-do list here are some other things I want to make happen, both the very doable to the "I’m gonna need some help with this one God" category.

1) Be a panelist at Dragoncon

2) Be a panelist at the RT Convention.

3) Go on a book tour.

4) Sell my book in Europe and Asia.

5) Go on book tour in Europe and Asia

6) Sell movie rights to the series.

7) Have a good movie made starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

8) Write for a good genre television show.

9) Write for DC, Dark Horse, or Marvel comics.

10) Become friends with: Joss Whedon,  Felicia Dey, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Barrowman and his partner Scott, Nathan Fillion and have them over to the house for a BBQ.

11) Be able to edit an anthology of short stories about my characters written by other authors.

See, not too out of reach.

I will expand on these tomorrow when I am well rested.