So 27 queries sent. Request for one partial which has subsequently been passed on. 16 outright rejections.

This query thing is hard. Hands down worst part of the process so far.

So more queries will go out. Many, many more, because I believe in what I have written. It’s different from most of the genre. I know, I know, EVERYBODY says that. My books are far more violent than almost everything in the UF genre I read. Seriously, my book is like a Mack Bolan book with characterization and complex motives.

Oh, and monsters.

Anyways, I will keep plugging away at this query thing, I just wanted to give y’all an update.

The current WIP is going well. Writing right along. I am doing my first draft work right through thing. Spilling the story out so I can get a feel for the whole thing. I like it so far though and have a TON of ideas for where it is going.

So far it’s a Paranormal Romance cum (pun intended) Urban Fantasy directed by John Landis and seasoned with some Vivid Entertainment.

Cassiel, the Angel of Solitude and Tears is charged with keeping Tristan Farrow out of clutches of Baphomet, Third Lord of the armies of Hell. Baphomet wants her for a special purpose in making more soldiers. Cassiel will defend her against the Fallen, Nephilim, Demoniacs, Hellhounds, Furies, and devil worshipers, but can he defend himself from falling in love with her?
Tristan has been hurt before, but she isn’t anyone’s victim. She’s the princess that can save herself, but she finds she is outmatched by Baphomet’s minions and has to rely on the dark and mysterious stranger who appears out of nowhere and rescues her. Can she save her heartache from him or will he rescue her from that as well?

The way I write, this one may be a hard sell too. I have been reading some paranormal romance lately and the way I write is completely different. In the first chapter we have had four bad guys killed on screen. Violently. This book will be every bit as violent as the last one I wrote, the difference will be that the romance will occur in this first book instead of just being set up. Hopefully that will make it more accessible. And, knowing the way I write, the sex scenes will make me run the risk of being dumped in Erotica, which would be fine, but would limit the amount of promotion and shelf space available.

Oh well, those are not my worries. I am just to write and then try to sell.

Enough rambling. I have an Angel and a human to play matchmaker with…..while I make their lives a living hell.

Muwah ha ha……



I have one word for you.

One frakkin’ word.

That word is ZOMBIELAND!

Good Lord in Heaven I have not seen a more awesome movie in the last ten years.

Listen to me very carefully…


Seriously, it is completely spot on. The characters, the dialog, the action scenes…it all blends together into an amazing movie viewing time. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

Now there are no plot surprises, the two twists are telegraphed a mile away, BUT the movie itself is a surprise. I mean really, who would have thought Woody Harrelson (sp?) could play a completely awesome, yet still lovable, dumbass, zombie killing machine? Give that man an Oscar!

Rule Number 2: Double tap.

Don’t be stingy with your bullets.